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Terms of Use

Users understand and agree that: (alternatively referred to as "site" or "website") is provided on an "as-is" basis.  The site will have content that changes from time to time, and no warranties are made as to the availability of content or functionality at any time.


Certain posts from users may contains political opinions, and does not indicate the support or agreement of any organization, employer, or client that this site might be affiliated with unless expressly noted.

When administrators of this site become aware of content that violates these terms, the content will be addressed or not addressed in a manner deemed appropriate by the administrators of this site, without review by any third party.  There are no warranties as to the accuracy of the information provided through this website.

Any information presented is for discussion and informational purposes only and -- unless otherwise noted -- should not be considered as legal, tax, financial, or any other kind of advice.  Consult with an appropriately licensed professional before taking any action based on information presented on this site.

Administrators of this site reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notice, and to delete any information that conflicts with these terms of use on this site at our sole discretion.

Some features of this website may not be available to users who have disabled cookies on their browser.

Users and contributors acknowledge that administrators of this site have a permanent license to use or repost any content posted to this site, for various uses including but not limited to: promotional use, troubleshooting, or social media engagement.​

By using this site or any associated social media spaces, users represent that they will refrain from the following prohibited conduct:

  • Post or otherwise transmit anything that is unlawful, fraudulent, or defamatory,

  • Post or otherwise transmit anything deemed vulgar, obscene, or sexually explicit,

  • Knowingly present false information as true,

  • Threaten a person or group, or engage in any kind of hate speech,

  • Invade the privacy of another person or group, or engage in "doxxing,"

  • Encourage or imply support of harmful criminal conduct including fomenting insurrection,

  • Employ malicious or harmful software or other device,

  • Engage in any activity that would harm the reputation or standing of this site or its owners, contributors, or users,

  • Engage in name-calling, taunting, or any other conduct designed to harass, or

  • Any other activity that administrators of this site deem harmful.

In addition, users agree to the following security protocols:

  • Users agree not to attempt to disable, circumvent, or otherwise bypass security protocols to access nonpublic data.

  • Users agree not to disseminate any malicious or harmful data through this site.

  • Users understand that the site will log certain activities by user profile information and may use cookies.

  • Users agree not to provide any false or misleading information.

  • Users agree not to attempt to reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise duplicate site code or create a facsimile of this site either in whole or in part.

Users agree that failure to abide by these guidelines may result in harm to and its administrators.  Users agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless or Ridgelark Strategies in the event that the user's actions or content lead to civil litigation or other enforcement actions against either such party.


Administrators of this site reserve the right to delete or otherwise regulate users or contributors at our sole discretion.

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