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Support HB 3202: Night Skies Protections

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Keep in mind that whatever you send may become a public record (except that your email address is protected per ORS 192.355, subsection 40).  You do not have to use your full name.  If you would like a response from your officials, an accurate e-mail address is necessary.

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HB 3202 will create standards to limit and mitigate light pollution across Oregon and to curtail this growing threat to our night skies, our wildlife, and our own human health.


Many other states have already established bills to protect their night skies — it’s time for Oregon to get to work on addressing this issue.


It is easier to protect our night skies while we still have them than to try to restore them once they are gone!

Send an e-mail to your elected officials here and we will ensure that it is added into the public record in support of HB 3202!

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