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Stop the Corporate Takeover of Medicine!

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Keep in mind that whatever you send may become a public record (except that your email address is protected per ORS 192.355, subsection 40).  You do not have to use your full name.  If you would like a response from your officials, an accurate e-mail address is necessary.

Tell the Oregon Legislature to pass HB 4130 to address private equity firms and large corporations purchasing local healthcare providers.


With HB 4130, the Oregon legislature has the opportunity to strengthen Corporate Practice of Medicine laws and make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Currently, Oregonians spend more on health care than they do on housing and utilities. More than a third of Oregon adults struggle to pay their medical bills, and almost a quarter skipped a recommended medical test or treatment because they could not afford it.


Write to your Representative and Senator today to show them why you care about access to higher quality care and protections for patients and physicians-- urge their support for House Bill 4130!

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Sun Apr 14 2024


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